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Updated: 21.03.98

From the chapel of dreams with a handful of images
Faces of children, phases of the moon
One little thing you get wrong changes the dimensions
["It takes time", Fred and Patti Smith]

The applets on this page are based on two common classes, MoonCalculation which calculates the phase of the moon for a given date, and MoonApplet which provides a base class for applets displaying moon phases. The two could be rolled into one, but are kept separate to allow the calculation class to be used in other contexts. The MoonApplet class is based on the ExtendedApplet class


Moon This is a Java applet to show the phase of the Moon. It is not currently being displayed, either because your browser does not support Java or because you have switched it off in the Preferences.

Simple applet to display the current phase of the moon. The images used in this example were made using KPT Bryce (see Other Worlds for more examples using this fine program). The text that appears beneath the image can be switched on or off, and different images may, of course, be used.

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